Mrs. Gill Goes to Washington ...... Representing Kentucky as the 2009 KY Teacher of the Year,
Rose Garden Ceremony, April 28th 2009


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Screen Shot from C-Span

screen shot from Youtube

(Dr. Jill Biden, an educator of 28 years, addresses the 2009 National Teachers of the Year reception at the Vice President's residence in Washington D.C. Photo by Joshua Hoover)

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On Monday night – all of the teachers came (by bus of course) for a reception and a "class photo."  I felt so at home with this group – we could have talked for hours about our work, our students, and our teaching experiences.  Our dog Champ Biden even made an appearance to congratulate the teachers. As I told the group on Monday, each of these teachers deserves recognition for being the best in their state or region - but I must say that every teacher is a ‘teacher of the year’ in my experience, and I have nothing but admiration for all of my colleagues around the country.

The following picture is from March 2004- Presidential Awards for Math and Science Teaching with President George W. Bush .... I am in the teal dress at the corner of the portrait of George Washington ...

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April 2012 Bill Clinton speaking to Fayette County Students in Rupp Arena, Bluegrass Youth Sustainability Council, a coalition of students that promotes environmental awareness. The students encourage others to conserve energy and try to live in a way that doesn't deplete resources.